Guitar Models


Refined Ergonomics

All Acer Guitars are set neck construction with a sculpted neck joint, carved away to allow unhindered access to the upper frets. 

The concave sections of the back of the guitar cups your midsection whether you play the guitar high or low on a strap, or sitting down.

Comfortable Fretboard

All Acer Guitars come standard with a unique method of doing frets:

-frets are slightly shorter than the fretboard width

-hemispherical fret ends

-rounded fretboard edges

This method of fretwork ensures the highest comfort level possible for the player. If the guitar's fretboard shrinks (as is often common in the winter), there's no sharp fret ends poking you. Even when wrapping your hand around the fretboard, the hemispherical fret ends and the rounded fretboard edges ensure you will never notice frets again.

High Quality Hardware

All Acer Guitars come standard with Hipshot open gear tuners, chosen for their tuning stability, smoothness, and light weight. 

All Acer Guitars come with a TUSQ nut, for superior tuning stability, smoothness, and natural lubricity at the nut allowing for easier string bending.

The Omni  and Xeno models comes standard with a Graphtech wraparound bridge (with TUSQ saddles). This is undoubtedly the best wraparound bridge available on the market, with superb fit and finish, ease of string changes, and easy intonation and height adjustment. 

The Epoch model comes standard with a Hipshot fixed bridge, the modern choice for hardtail guitars. Superb quality and ease of adjustment, with through string body string changes. 

Natural Oil and Wax Finish

All Acer Guitars come standard with a hard oil and wax finish, which protects the instrument with a natural feel and look. This is especially noticeable on the neck, where sliding up and down is so easy and natural.

The finish is hydrophobic, so water runs right off. Little maintenance is required for this finish, but in the event of a scratch or dent, the defect can simply be sanded out with 220 grit sandpaper and refinished with the same oil and wax originally used (provided free with your purchase of a guitar).

High Quality Electronics

All Acer Guitars come with the following high quality electronic components:

-Switchcraft barrel output jack

-Switchcraft 3-way toggle switch (pickup selector)

-CTS push-pull A pots (for volume, humbucker coil split)

-CTS B pots (for tone)

-high quality, well insulated mil.spec wire

-conductive shielding paint to shield electronic cavities (to reduce feedback)

Durable fastening methods

On all Acer Guitars, all parts requiring the use of screws for fastening, such as pickup rings, direct mount pickups, tuners, etc. use machine screws and metal threaded inserts for superior durability.

These screws can be removed and reinstalled as many times as desired without worrying about stripping the wood or even breaking the screws (common concerns with wood screws).

The machine screws and inserts used are common sizes and types, so replacement is easy if necessary.

Magnetic Covers

All covers, such as control cavity covers, truss rod covers, and tremolo covers are held on with magnets, for a seamless look and ease of access. 

Adjusting the truss rod is as simple as sliding off the cover and turning the socket nut. Inspecting the control cavity is as simple as pressing down the bottom side of the control cavity cover and lifting it up and out of its pocket.

Crisp Inlay and Engraving

Every Acer Guitar comes standard with the ACER logo and the maple leaf symbol inlaid into the headstock, with your choice of wood. Each inlay piece and pocket is precision CNC cut with accuracy of more than 0.001", allowing for an absolutely perfect fit. 

On the back of each headstock, the serial number of the guitar is engraved, in the following format: ACER-202X-0XXX.

Sleek and Lightweight Design

The Omni and Xeno models come with a standard 1 5/8" body thickness, whereas the Epoch model comes with a standard 1 1/2" body thickness - both of which are a fair bit thinner than the industry standard. These thicknesses have been optimized to make light and ergonomic guitars, while still retaining a full sound, deep carves and bevels, and roomy electronics cavities.

Strong and Stable Neck Construction

Standard neck construction for all Acer Guitars:

Carbon fibre reinforcement rods, a two-way truss rod, and optional multi-laminate neck construction allow for superior neck and tuning stability through temperature and humidity changes. The two-way truss rod ensures you always have the capability to adjust the neck properly. 

The headstock angle has been optimized for sufficient string pull and maximum strength; the volute adds strength and is comfortable for the player.

Superior Chambering and Semi-Hollow Geometry

Chambered and semi-hollow construction is an optional add-on feature, which reduces weight, changes the timbre of the guitar, and can increase the acoustic volume of the guitar (semi-hollow).

With advanced 3D modeling techniques and 3D CNC machining capability, the geometry of the chambered and semi-hollow cavities is optimized to follow the carves of the front and back of the guitar, allowing for a uniform wall thickness. The uniform wall thickness means more wood can be removed in the right areas, reducing weight and increasing strength (by minimizing stress concentrations).

Innovative Headless Design

An add-on option for the Epoch model is headless construction, where the headstock of the guitar is minimized and the tuners are attached to the bridge. 

The following are features of Acer Guitars' innovative headless design:

-guitar can be hung from a wall hanger: (unlike most headless guitars) due to the inclusion of 'wings'

-custom machined 7075 aluminum headpiece: mounting machine screws are below string locking set screws for aesthetics, as well as to provide a durable bearing surface for the strings (screws are also easily replaceable if necessary)

-individual, height adjustable string nuts: stainless steel 'screws' raise or lower ~0.008" per half turn

Wooden Components

It's all in the details - wooden parts dress up Acer Guitars:

Standard wooden components: control cavity cover, truss rod cover, control knobs

Add-on wooden components: pickup covers, pickup rings

These wooden components can be made in your choice of wood - to match the style of your custom guitar.

Wooden binding

An optional add on for the body, neck, and fretboard, wooden binding adds class and durability to your guitar.

Each piece of wood is slowly bent to shape, hand mitred, and precisely installed for the right fit.

Different wood types can be chosen to blend in or contrast with the surrounding wood.