Every instrument made by Acer Guitars is covered by a limited warranty, applied to the original buyer of the instrument, against defective materials and workmanship, as defined by Acer Guitars.

Upon notice of potentially defective workmanship or materials, Acer Guitars shall repair or replace the instrument, if Acer Guitars deems the workmanship or material to be defective. The original buyer of the instrument shall pay for shipping the instrument both ways, including any duties, brokerage, or taxes.

Damages from use, misuse, and wear are not covered in this warranty. Normal wood movement including minor cracking and warping, including those which may crack or distort the finish, are not covered in this warranty.

This warranty includes an implied warranty of merchantability and is the sole warranty applied to instruments made by Acer Guitars and sold by Acer guitars or sold by an authorized dealer of Acer Guitars.