Bloodwood Custom Bass




Strings: 4

Model: custom bass guitar

Construction type: chambered

Neck joint: set neck

Body finish: oil and wax polish

Neck finish: oil and wax polish

Fretboard finish: lemon oil

Headstock inlay(s): maple leaf in ebony



Neck pickup: Dimarzio DP 120

Middle pickup: EMG 35 HZ

Tuners: 2x2 Hipshot Ultralite (black)

Bridge: Hipshot D-style bridge (black)

Strap buttons: locking (black)



Potentiometers: 1 volume (500kΩ), 2 tone (500kΩ)

Switches: 3-way mini toggle (up: neck, middle: both, down: bridge)

Output jack: ¹/₄” mono

Killswitch: 2-way mini toggle (up: guitar is on, down: guitar is off)

Other: 2-way mini toggle phase switch on neck pickup, 3-way mini toggle capacitor bass cut (up: off, middle: capacitor 1 cut, down: capacitor 2 cut)


Scale length: 34”

Fretboard radius: 12”

Fretboard width (nut): 1 1/2

Fretboard width (22 fret): 2 ¹/₄”



Top: bloodwood

Body: ash (stained black)

Neck: 5pc. wenge/bloodwood

Fretboard: ebony

Headstock veneer: bloodwood


Knobs: african blackwood

Switch tip: african blackwood

Truss rod cover:


Truss rod: 2-way

Frets: jumbo nickel-silver

Nut: bone