Pale Moon Ebony Omni Multiscale



Strings: 7

Model: Omni

Construction type: chambered

Neck joint: set neck

Body finish: oil and wax polish

Neck finish: oil and wax polish

Fretboard finish: oil

Headstock inlay(s): maple leaf in Goncalo Alve, ACER outline logo in Macassar Ebony

Fretboard inlay: none

Side dots: white luminlay (blue glow)



Neck pickup: Elysian Trident II multiscale

Middle pickup: Elysian Trident II multiscale

Tuners: Hipshot open gear 4x3 with Hex buttons (black)

Bridge: Hipshot solo bridges (black)

Strap buttons: Dunlop recessed flush mount (black)



Potentiometers: 1 volume push-pull (A500kΩ) CTS, 1 tone (B500kΩ)

Switches: 3-way toggle Switchcraft (up: neck, middle: both, down: bridge)

Output jack: ¹/₄” mono barrel jack Switchcraft

Coil split: yes, controlled by volume push-pull pot (down: humbucker, up: single coil)

Other: none


Scale length: 25.5” to 26.5”

Frets: 24

Fretboard radius: 16”

String spacing (nut): 0.275”

String spacing (bridge): 0.4125”

Fretboard width (nut): 1 5/8

Fretboard width (24 fret): 2 ¹/₄”

Neck profile: C

Neck thickness: 20 -21mm



Top: Pale Moon Ebony

Body: Spalted Beech

Neck: Macassar Ebony

Fretboard: Black Palmwood

Headstock veneer: Pale Moon Ebony


Pickup covers: Pale Moon Ebony

Pickup rings: Macassar Ebony

Headstock binding: Macassar Ebony

Fretboard binding: Pale Moon Ebony

Body binding: Macassar Ebony


Knobs: Macassar Ebony

Truss rod cover: Macassar Ebony

Control cavity cover: Spalted Beech


Truss rod: 2-way

Frets: jumbo nickel-silver

Nut: Graphtech TUSQ XL (black)